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May 7, 2015 Mthly Mtg Special Hybrid and Special Species Award

The Naples Orchid Society’s monthly meeting was held May 7th. The best hybrid and the best species orchids were given gold ribbons. The special hybrid award was given to Paph. St. Swithin x Paph. Gary Romagna owned by Jim Longwell. The best species award was given to Grammatophyllum stapeliiflorum owned by Barbara Crist.

Paph. St. Swithin x Paph. Gary Romagna owned by Jim Longwell       Grammatophyllum stapeliiflorum owned by Barbara Crist


An Orchid Vignette—A Mystery—B. nodosa x Lc. Wailea Contributed by Dick Pippen

Brassavola nodosa has been used as a parent in over 800 registered crosses. Lc. Wailea has nine registered offspring and 32 registered “grandkids.” So what plant do I end up with?? One that is NOT registered, of course, but too “neat” to ignore. As I have mentioned before I don’t think I like green orchids, but I keep acquiring them. What I do like is Brassavola nodosa and her hybrids. That is why I “latched onto” this one.

Bc+A-174+(B+nodosa+x+Lc+Wailea)+061812 Bc+A-174+(B+nodosa+x+Lc+Wailea)+062611+2


I got my plant of B. nodosa x Lc. Wailea from Jade Orchids in July of 2010. I like the “nodosa” character of narrow sepals and petals, green in color, and the flared, white lip. There are even “little” lines of purple spilling out from the center of the lip. It has a slight spicy fragrance during the daytime. The plant itself is has narrow upright leaves, that stand about eight to ten inches tall. So far my plant has been blooming twice a year.

The “mystery” is where did this cross come from? Who created it? Why didn’t they register it? For now there are no good answers to those questions. I asked Dave and Judy White at Jade Orchids if they remembered where they got the plant and they thought that it originally came from the collection of one of their old clients, that they had had the plant for a long, long time.

A second mystery surrounds Lc.Wailea. Brassavola nodosa is well known, and there are many photos and lots of information available about this species. Lc. Wailea, however appears to be quite “reclusive.” This grex has won no AOS awards, or any others that I have been able to find, and I have been unable, so far, to find any photographs of the flower.

The grex was created by Kathy & Mariano Reyes and registered by them in 1977. Little is known about the Reyes except that they registered two other greges, and are from Maui, Hawaii (hence the name Wailea).

Lc. Wailea is a complex hybrid, a cross between Lc. Little Don and Lc. Adelaide Waltman. There are many shades of greens, yellows and purples in the family background, so I am assuming that Lc. Wailea is some combination of green and purple.

It has been a parent in nine crosses, and as mentioned before, has 32 “grandkids.” One of the offspring is Blc. Hawaiian Passion which is a cross between Lc Wailea and Blc. Waikiki Gold (the latter is another oldie-but-goodie that I like really well). This grex has flowers that have chartreuse sepals and petals and a cream colored lip.

Of course if this combination was ever to be registered, instead of a Blc (Brassavola x Laelia x Cattleya), it would be a Brassocattleya since all of the laelias involved in Lc. Wailea are now Cattleya. If I were to register this grex and give it a name, I think it would have to be Brassocattleya Little Green Apples.

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