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The Naples Orchid Society’s mission is to promote the appreciation and cultivation of orchids as a hobby and to help preserve the wild orchids indigenous to Southwest Florida through research and education.

April 3, 2014 Monthly Meeting Special Hybrid and Special Species Awards

The Naples Orchid Society’s monthly meeting was held April 3rd. The best hybrid and the best specie orchids were given gold ribbons. The special hybrid award was given to Bc. North Miami owned by Dick Pippen. The special species award was given to C amethystoglossa ‘H&R Supreme’ AM/AOS owned by Lola Moncsko.

Bc North Miami owned by Dick Pippen       C amethystoglossa 'H&R Supreme’ AM/AOS owned by Lola Moncsko

An Orchid Vignette – Waianae Leopard – In A Class By Itself by Dick Pippen

Blc Waianae Leopard by Dick Pippen

An amazing plant!  This is not your typical compact window sill orchid!  The pseudobulbs and the two leaves that are produced at the tips are 12-15 inches tall. And the spike grows and grows and grows, well not that big, but “hefty” with a cluster of 8-10, 4 inch flowers that produce a very nice spicy aroma!  How can you beat that—spots and fragrance both!!

Blc Waianae Leopard by Dick Pippen

The traditional name of this grex is Brassolaeliocattleya (Blc.) Waianae Leopard.  It is a cross between Blc. Peach Cobbler and C. Penny Kuroda.  Blc. Peach Cobbler is a little known cross between Blc. Waikiki Gold and C. guttata, created in 1983.  It takes after the C. guttata parent with purple-spotted chartreuse sepals and petals. It has been a parent in ten crosses.  On the other hand, C. Penny Kuroda, also an offspring of C. guttata, has been used as a parent in many crosses (116) to produce offspring with spots. 

        With the new nomenclature, our grex is known as Rhyncholaeliocattleya (Rlc.) Waianae Leopard.  It was created by M. Miyamoto Orchids of Hawaii, and registered by Donald Herman, of Trymwood Orchids, La Crescenta, California in 1991.  Waianae Leopard has earned three HCC’s from AOS.  ‘Ching Hua,’ the cultivar I have, earned its HCC and name in 1995 with 76 points.  This plant has been used as a parent in 38 crosses and is a grandparent of 7.

Blc. Waianae Leopard only blooms once a year, but I guess with the output of energy required to produce a spike like that, it is understandable.  This is a good reliable summer bloomer when not a lot of other Cattleyas are in bloom.  The flowers have a very leathery texture, the sepals and petals are “bronzy” green, fading to yellow, heavily laden with burgundy spots.  The tubular lip is basically white with a bright fuchsia lip.  The flowers last at least three weeks.

My plant appears to do well growing in a clay pot in a mixture of lava rock, charcoal and Hydroton, in a west facing pool cage where it gets filtered sunlight.  I fertilize it weakly about once a week. If you have the room, it is a great plant for your collection.


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