The Board of Directors consists of the following positions:

  • President – Dick Pippen
  • 1st Vice President for Programs – David Orr
  • 2nd Vice President for Activities – Lanelle Bishop
  • Treasurer – Nanett Boerner
  • Secretary – Cynthia Bock
  • Newsletter Editor – Kris Morton
  • Membership Chair – Veronica Catrombon
  • Publicity Chair – Jim Rawson
  • Director—3 years – Mary Jo Shively
  • Director—2 years – Sheila Demkovich
  • Director—1 year – Carolyn Booker
  • AOS Representative – Bill Overton
  • Webmaster – Sue Roehl


In addition, there are positions which are non-elected, including:

  • Co-Newsletter Editor and Historian
  • Caring and Condolence Chair
  • Refreshment Chair
  • Culture Class Chair
  • Plant Competition Chair
  • Plant Table Workers
  • Plant Sale Chair
  • Photographer
  • Orchid Doctors
  • Raffle Table Workers
  • Show Chair and Co-Chairs


Upcoming Events

  • January 14, 2017
    NOS Culture Classes

    The NOS culture classes will be held in The Windstar Room at Naples Botanical Gardens. The meetings will take place every Saturday morning from January 14 thru February 18th. Classes will be from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm.

    9:30 am,

  • January 26, 2017

    The meetings will take place at AvAirPros, Suite 300, Toni Stabile Building, 5551 Ridgewood Drive, Naples. All are welcome.

    6:30 pm,

  • February 25, 2017
    NOS Annual Orchid Show

    The 2017 Annual Orchid Show & Sale will be held February 25th and 26th at Naples Botanical Gardens, 4820 Bayshore Drive, Naples, FL. Show hours will be Saturday and Sunday from 9am-5pm both days. The theme for the show will be "Orchids In The Gatden".

    The vendors for the 2017 show are Florida SunCoast Orchids, Krull-Smith Orchids, Mac’s Orchids, Odoms Orchids, OFE International—Orchid Supplies, and Bactra Orchid Benches.

    For more info, check out our website under Events.

    9:00 am,