Each fall NOS holds an orchid plant sale. This is the society’s largest fund-raising event of the year. In the spring, members divide and repot their orchids at “potting parties” and donate plants to the society for the sale. Volunteers care for the orchids all summer.

The sale hours are noon to 3pm, but many times the plants have sold before closing time. It’s a good idea to come before noon, the line starts early.

Many genera of orchids are available at the sale, cattleyas, dendrobiums, phalaenopsis, vandas, oncidiums and others are available. All are healthy plants. It is best to get to the sale early for the best choices. Other plants may be offered as well.

Many plants for sale are not in bloom but members of the society are present to offer information about the care and growing habits of the plants. Culture sheets about each genus are available at the sale. These publications are from the American Orchid Society and explain what each genus needs as far as light, watering, fertilizing and general care.

2:35pm at the 2009 Orchid Sale. The sale was almost over, only a few plants left after the sale had been open for a little over two and a half hours.


12:12pm at the 2009 Orchid Sale. The doors had been open for twelve minutes.








The Naples Orchid Society will hold it’s annual fundraising sale on Saturday, November 12, 2016 from 12:00 noon until 3:00. There will be more than 150 varieties of orchids for sale which have been donated from our guest speakers, orchid growers and our membership. Not all plants will be in bloom, but we can tell you what color of blossom to expect and have information about growing the plant! This year we have invited Joanna’s Orchid Pots and Clay Baskets to join our sale and provide beautiful clay creations for your new orchids. Come to the sale and select the right orchid for your home.

Here Is An Example Of Four Orchids Below Which Were Available At

The 2015 Naples Orchid Sale

Bl Yellow Bird

Bl. (Brassolaelia) Yellow Bird
Yellow Bird is a “brighten your day” orchid. The flower petals start out kind of darkish orange or maroon but after a few days they turn yellow. The flowers are about 3 inches across and usually clustered 3-4 on a spike. This plant is a cross between Bl. Richard Mueller and Brassavola nodosa (the Lady of the Night Orchid). The pseudobulbs and leaves are narrow and the plants are less than a foot tall. Bl. Yellow was created by H&R Nurseries of Hawaii and registered by them in 1990. It has garnered 11 American Orchid Society awards. Yellow Bird will flower at least two times a year.

Lc Nancie Thomas

Lc. (Laeliocattleya) Nancie Thomas
Nancie Thomas is a beautiful, large, “corsage-type” orchid. The flowers are white with a purple lip, with 3-4 produced on each spike and are about five inches across. The plant blooms once a year in the late Fall to Winter. The plants are fairly large with the pseudobulbs and their single leaves reaching at least a foot or more in height. Lc. Nancie Thomas was created by Lines Orchids of Signal Mountain, Tennessee in 1969 by crossing Lc. Stephen Oliver Fouraker with Cattleya Bess Truman. Yes, one of the parents was named after that famous First Lady. Nancie Thomas has earned one award from the American Orchid Society, a Highly Commendable Certificate (HCC).

C nigritian x bryce canyon

Blc. (Brassolaeliocattleya) Booth Lee
Blc. Booth Lee is a cross between Bc. Maikai and Lc. Jalapa. It is a “new kid on the block,” created by T. W. Moore of Endangered Jewels Nursery of Bakersfield, CA and registered in 2001. The flowers are about three inches across and several are produced on each stalk. The sepals and petals are very deep burgundy-purple, the outside and the front edge of the lip are pink; the inside is white with distinct pink spots. The plant normally blooms in December/January. So far it has gleaned no AOS awards although the plants bear the cultivar name, ‘Venice.” Apparently it was nominated for an American Orchid Society award at a recent Venice, Florida Orchid Show, but the owner did not follow through with the American Orchid Society to register it, so the cultivar name was nullified.


Blc Booth Lee

Cattleya Nigritian x Blc. (Brassolaeliocattleya) Bryce Canyon
This orchid with beautiful deep raspberry-lavender 5-inch flowers, with a couple of “yellow patches in the throat, is an unregistered cross. That means that the plant was never given a name and registered with the Royal Horticultural Society in England (the organization that keeps track of all orchid hybrids that are officially named). The Cattleya Nigritian parent is an old, old hybrid created by Sanders Nursery in England and registered by them in 1945. This plant received only one award from the American Orchid Society for the cultivar ‘King of Kings.’ The Blc. Bryce Canyon parent was created by Armacost and Royston Nursery of California and registered by them in 1973. This hybrid has received two awards from the American Orchid Society, a Highly Commendable Certificate and an Award of Merit, both for the same cultivar ‘Splendiferous.’ The flowers of both parents are very similar in appearance to that of the cross. Since the cross was never registered we don’t know who made the cross. However, that does not mean that it is not a delightful plant in its own right and one that anyone would want in their orchid collection!!

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