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The Naples Orchid Society offers a $2000 annual scholarship to be awarded to a qualified student pursuing a program in Botany, Conservation or Environmental Science. Preference will be given, but not limited, to a student studying/working in SW Florida on a worthy orchid related project. The Scholarship may also be used to fund, or partially fund, an internship at an appropriate organization.

Applications will be accepted at any time, but the Scholarship will be awarded at the Naples Orchid Society regular meeting in October (for a student at a college or university working on a project) or May/June (for a person on a summer internship), or at another time as deemed appropriate by the Naples Orchid Society Board of Directors.

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Depending upon the nature of the project, the scholarship will be awarded in two parts: $1000 initially and another $1000 half way through the project or internship, following the submission of an interim progress report.

Applications will be reviewed by a Scholarship Committee appointed by the Naples Orchid Society Board of Directors and a recommendation made to the Board of Directors. The selected applicant will be asked to meet with the Board, if possible, and even present the results of his/her study to a general membership meeting if appropriate.

John McCormick and Haleigh Ray, both students at Illinois College in Jacksonville, Illinois, were recipients of the NOS scholarship for 2011. They worked under the supervision of Dr. Lawrence Zettler, Professor of Biology and Director of the Orchid Recovery Program at Illinois College.  Their project, during June and July, 2011, involved monitoring and surveying native epiphytic orchids in the Panther Wildlife Preserve near Naples for infection of scale insects and identifying the scale insects to genus.

John McCormick, left and Dr. Lawrence Zettler, right, support Haleigh Ray as she collects research samples from a native orchid plant in the Fakahatchee Strand

Haleigh Ray studies samples collected in the field to determine types of insect activity on native orchids in the Fakahatchee Strand.











Scholarship recipients Crystal Elliott and Adam Zindel and their professor, Dr. Larry Zettler from Illinois College at Jacksonville, Illinois, were introduced at the July meeting of the Naples Orchid Society. Dr. Zettler’s sister, Dr. Jennifer Zettler, an entomologist, accompanied them. Research work they will be involved with may have benefits for Florida’s wild native orchids as well as domesticated hybrid plants grown by hobby and commercial growers.

Elliott and Zindel will be stationed at the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge for the month of July and will be working with Larry Richardson, biologist with the refuge, and with Mike Owen, biologist with the Fakahatchee Strand State Park. They will be continuing field research on armored scale insects begun last year by Dr. Zettler’s students, Haleigh Ray and John McCormick., who were recipients of 2011 scholarships from the Naples Orchid Society. Results of that research were published in ‘Florida Entomologist’ and can be read on the NOS website at the link to the Florida Orchid Conservation Conference.

NOS’s mission is to promote the appreciation and cultivation of orchids as a hobby as well as dedication to preserving native Florida orchids and their habitats. “We are very glad to have a part in supporting this important study.” said Dr. Richard Pippen, member of the NOS Board and Scholarship Committee chairperson, “Results will be very meaningful to the orchid community, for both those who love their potted hybrid orchids and those who appreciate orchids in the wild. Last year, a small parasite was discovered in some of the scale insects’ bodies. This may have great implications for biological controls of the armored scales.” He added, “Dr. Zettler has urged NOS to be aware that SW Florida is a crucial area for the huge number and diversity of species of America’s native orchids in the wild. The research that is going on here will have an impact on orchids on an international level.” -


PHOTO CAPTION: Kit Kitchen-Maran, NOS President, Crystal Elliott, Intern, Adam Zindel, Intern, Jennifer Zettler, Entomologist, Larry Zettler, Research Advisor, Dick Pippen, Chair, NOS Scholarship Committee, at the July meeting of the Naples Orchid Society.

Submitted by Kit Kitchen-Maran


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